The date of the Club trip to the Show in the new year is Saturday, February 22, 2003. Total cost is $34.00 per person ($9.00 for the show plus $25.00 for the bus equals $34.00).

The Delaware R/C Club arranges for advance tickets to the show and round trip travel on a comfortable charter bus.  The bus ride features socializing with your fellow enthusiasts, video entertainment and refreshments. A good time will be had by all who attend! Surf to the WRAM show Web link (www.wram.org) to learn more about what is at the show and why aeromodelers look forward to this annual event. Jay Greene is this year's event coordinator again. There are several ways to make your arrangements for the trip.

The bus should fill quickly and we will invite neighboring clubs to join us soon, so make your reservations now.



You may:

1)       Bring your money to the January meeting or

2)       Mail your money (checks payable to Delaware R/C Club) to:

Delaware RC WRAM Show

c/o Jay Greene

1545 Old Coach Rd.

Newark, DE  19711


Call Jay as soon as possible (302-733-0400) to be added to the list before the spaces are filled!



The bus will leave the University Plaza parking lot (Rt. 273 and I-95) promptly at 7:30am.  We leave the WRAM show at 4:30pm. You will have to be prepared to buy or bring your own lunch.



Looking Ahead – Freeze Fly

Join in the fun at the annual Freeze Fly on New Year’s Day! The Club’s Chief Chef and President, Mark Weiss, has promised to serve up some special vittles to meet the gastronomic needs of cold-weather pilots. The new pavilion wrapping may prove to be of significant benefit this time around, not only for protection from the cold, but also to keep out the rain that both the Weather Channel and Accuweather were projecting as this newsletter was being prepared. Since long-range weather forecasting is so often wrong, we should probably expect either clear skies or snow! Mark will reportedly be cooking regardless of the weather – that’s worth the trip whether or not you plan to fly.

See you there!



Around the Pattern

Membership Information

Membership renewal for the 2003 membership year is now under way. A copy of the 2003 membership form is included. Please renew at your earliest convenience. Dues for new members joining after September 1 cover the remainder of 2002 as well as all of 2003.  Reminder: your AMA membership is a prerequisite for Club membership – don’t forget to renew with the AMA for 2003. If you have any questions please contact Dick Stewart.


Proposed Constitution and By-Laws Changes

John Kirchstein has prepared a draft of a proposed revision of the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws. The revised documents are on the Club’s website (www.delawarerc.org) in PDF Format: http://www.delawarerc.org/Bylaws%20changes/ DELAWARE%20RADIO%20CONTROL%20CLUB%20BYLAWS.pdf. John has indicated that they are his attempt at rewriting the club laws to fit AMA’s suggestions, and to make it easier to break out the field rules for clarity and accessibility. John asks Club members to review the document and make suggestions and/or corrections --- we would like to have the document ready for approval by the first of the year, and approved for submission to the AMA’s March deadline. You can contact John via e-mail at     john@kirchstein.net




From the Full-Scale World

"NEW" ME 262 TAKES FLIGHT: One of the most ambitious heritage aircraft projects ever undertaken took off

Dec. 20.  After almost 10 years of technical work and bureaucratic tinkering, a serial production representative Me 262 twin-engine jet fighter took a 30-minute hop from Paine Field, Wash., with Wolf Czazia at the controls.  The flight was a "complete success."  A dream of Classic Fighter Industries President Stephen L. Snyder since the early 1990s, Snyder found an unmodified original 262, owned by the Navy, and worked a deal to dismantle the original for

use as a template, later returning it in restored condition.  Construction began on the "new" 262 in 1993 in Texas. The project shifted to Washington in 1997 where a team made up mainly of retired Boeing personnel saw it through. [Courtesy of AVWEB]






Happy New Year!




Set Your Course for Upcoming Club Events

Wednesday, January 1, 2003

Freeze Fly at Lums Pond

Saturday, February 22, 2003

Club Bus Trip to 35th Annual WRAM Show   www.wram.org

Saturday-Sunday, May 3-4, 2003

Two Tonys Memorial Fly-In (AMA)

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Fun Scale Contest

Thursday-Sunday, July 10-13, 2003

12th Annual Warbirds Over Delaware (IMAA,AMA)

Friday-Sunday, July 25-27, 2003

Hirobo Cup R/C Helicopter Event

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Club Picnic

Saturday, November 1, 2003

Club Auction

Additional Waypoints of Possible Interest

Friday-Sunday, January 17-19, 2003

AMA Convention 2002, Pasadena CA    www.modelaircraft.org

Thursday-Sunday, February 20-23, 2003

Florida Jets, Bunnell FL    franktiano.com

Saturday, March 8, 2003

23nd Lebanon R/C Flea Market

Friday-Sunday, April 4-6, 2003

49th Toledo R/C Expo   www.toledoshow.com

Wednesday-Sunday, April 23-27, 2003

Top Gun 2003, Lakeland FL   franktiano.com

Wednesday-Saturday, 2003

Joe Nall 2003, Woodruff SC   www.joenall.com





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