WRAM Show – Wet and Wild

What a better way to spend a bleak, wet Saturday than with a happy group of friends in the comfort of a warm bus and hot convention hall, pouring over the latest and greatest offerings in the model aviation hobby! Throughout the six hours spent at the show, the windowless hall proved to be a great insulator from the weather outside and offered many temptations to those who came to buy.

The nearly-full bus departed from Newark at 7:30 am, arriving at the show just before 11 am. The group was treated to Danish pastry provided by Jay Greene and entertained with videos that featured “The Piper Cub Story” and the “2002 Rally of the Giants” held at AMA Headquarters.

As in past years, the exhibit space at the convention hall was completely filled with vendors, including many of our friends who exhibit at our Warbirds event. While a few booths catered to the car and boat hobbies, R/C Aviation provided the overwhelming vendor focus. It did seem as if attendance at the show was lower than last year – judging from statements from several in our group that it was easier to get to the booths and navigate the aisles. While a benefit to visitors, this may be a cause for some concern by the exhibitors and sponsors.


Aircraft on exhibit seemed to favor giant scale and ARF to a greater extent than in previous years. Some in our group remarked that aircraft in the consignment sales area seemed to carry unrealistically high price tags; we did not get a feel for what the items actually sold for.

The single item that seemed to be purchased most frequently at the show by our group was a simulator from Multi-Electronics in Bennington, Vermont. The purchase cost ranged from $39 - $49 for the adaptor (serial or USB) that connects the user’s own transmitter to the computer; the simulator software was free. Approximately 100 models are simulated by the software, including some that are 3D capable. The programming savvy user has the capability to modify the flight characteristics of any model. We’ll try to get one of our members to review the product for a future newsletter.

The 3-hour return trip included viewing the videos “Crasher 3,” Frank Noll’s 3D instruction tape, and “2002 Top Gun.” We were sure that people were awake during the Crasher tape, as groans filled the bus during many of the more severe mishaps. The good news was that our recent Warbirds event did not provide many crashes to include on this latest tape!



Delaware R/C and the Leukemia Society

Thanks to the efforts of Club member Kent Eagle over the past year, our Club has forged an excellent relationship with the Leukemia Society of Delaware. As a direct result, the Club entered a Firebird XL (electric) into the silent auction at the Society’s fundraiser in Wilmington. John Kirchstein recently heard from the winner – David Ludlow. Mr. Ludlow has inquired about obtaining flying instruction, which the Club will accommodate once weather and field conditions improve.



Around the Pattern

Welcome To New Member

The officers and members of the Delaware R/C club extend a warm welcome to our recent new member: Raymond Castelletti, Rising Sun MD.


Membership Information

Membership renewal for the 2003 membership year is now under way. Renewals were due by January 30th. After March 15, renewing members will be assessed a 25% penalty as currently stated in the Club By-Laws. Please renew at your earliest convenience. You are reminded that AMA membership is a prerequisite for Club membership – don’t forget to renew with the AMA for 2003. If you have any questions please contact Dick Stewart.


Membership is the lifeblood of any organization, most particularly one that is all-volunteer. Your dues provide, among other things, for the maintenance and mowing of our superb flying field. Many of you have supported the Delaware R/C Club for many years; others are relatively new to our group. Some members are very active flyers while others are very active observers. Some members are active in the organization and execution of Club events; others are active participants in the events; still others are active spectators. Whatever your individual tastes and preferences, all of you, through your membership, send the strong and consistent message that model aviation is an important leisure-time option available to and enjoyed by young and old alike. Please continue to help us send this message to all who need to hear it. Please renew now, and, thank you in advance.







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Set Your Course for Upcoming Club Events

Saturday-Sunday, May 3-4, 2003

Two Tonys Memorial Fly-In (AMA)

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Fun Scale Contest

Thursday-Sunday, July 10-13, 2003

12th Annual Warbirds Over Delaware (IMAA,AMA)

Friday-Sunday, July 25-27, 2003

Hirobo Cup R/C Helicopter Event

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Club Picnic

Saturday, November 1, 2003

Club Auction

Additional Waypoints of Possible Interest

Saturday, March 8, 2003

23nd Lebanon R/C Flea Market

Friday-Sunday, April 4-6, 2003

49th Toledo R/C Expo   www.toledoshow.com

Wednesday-Sunday, April 23-27, 2003

Top Gun 2003, Lakeland FL   franktiano.com

Wednesday-Saturday, May 14-17, 2003

Joe Nall 2003, Woodruff SC   www.joenall.com






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