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Dick Stewart has been busy compiling the names of the officers of the club since 1961. Dick is a great historian and has been the “collector”, so to speak, of the years of activities and it’s very interesting to hear the story of the club.

If any of you have any of the history that you would like to share, please send it along. It’s great for the newer and younger members of the club to learn the “roots” of the Delaware R/C Club.

Loren Caudill transcribed the early club minutes from the Secretary's book covering the period from 1959 to 1975. It's a great recollection of how the club came to be and the process of coming to rest at the Lums Pond site

Here's some more Nostalgia for you:

The first Constitution of Delaware RC Club

Delawareans at the National Aeromodeling Championships

Minutes from the early days 1959 to 1975

Club exhibit at the Delaware History Museum

Year President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
1961 Tony Wilford ? Betty Cantera ?
1962 Don Hutchison Graham Lomax Betty Cantera Mike Hudak, Jr.
1963 Kern Bowyer Carl Cantera Betty Cantera Mike Hudak, Jr.
1964 Graham Lomax Carl Cantera Betty Cantera Mike Hudak, Jr.
1965 Carl Cantera Bill Campbell Betty Cantera Mike Hudak, Jr.
1966 Bill Northrop Oral Van Bushkirk Betty Cantera Bill Monaghan
1967 Bill Campbell Tom Parent Betty Cantera Al Dages
1968 Carl Cantera Ralph Fidance Betty Cantera Al Dages
1969 Tony Wilford Arnie Lipschultz Betty Cantera Bill Campbell
1970 Mort Spielman George Youse Bill Northrop Bill Campbell
1971 Mort Spielman Rudy Black Julian Skaggs Bill Campbell
1972 Bob Karlsson Rudy Black Steve Szabo Ed Heyman
1973 Bill Bowen Gary Kimball Leon Fennoy Ed Heyman
1974 Ed Heyman Bill Goodman John Scott Jim Redmond
1975 Gary Kimball Tony Wilford John Scott Jim Redmond
1976 John Scott Rich Linett Scotty Moyer John Phelps
1977 Howard Ashmead Walt Leipold George Haak John Phelps
1978 Howard Ashmead Mike Linett Tom Prosser Bob Rodenberg
1979 Dick Stewart Ollie Moses Jack Hairsine George Haak
1980 Tom Prosser Ollie Moses ? George Haak
1981 Rick Burns Tony Albence Rick Croes George Haak
1982 Rick Burns Ollie Moses John Scott Bob Dorsch
1983 Dave Smith Dave Moyer Jack Hairsine Bob Dorsch
1984 Mike DeNest Stuart Kline Tom Sliwinski Dave Haas
1985 Paul Levy Charlie Thuet Mike Culik Dave Haas
1986 Charlie Thuet Jim Mitchell Mike Culik Jack Hairsine
1987 Paul Levy Bill Brenchley Howard Smith Jack Hairsine
1988 Paul Levy Bill Brenchley Howard Smith Jack Hairsine
1989 Dave Smith Bill Brenchley Tony Albence, Jr. Jack Hairsine
1990 Dave Aldridge Mike Hudak, III Mike Johnson Tom Godwin
1991 Doug Jessie Kerry Stanley Mike Sims Tom Godwin
1992 Dave Aldridge Jack Thornton Mike Sims Tom Godwin
1993 Joe Asher Bill Bardsley Tom Sliwinski Tom Godwin
1994 Joe Asher Kevin Rude Doug Jessie Paul Bryk
1995 Doug Jessie Kevin Rude Warren Crellin Paul Bryk
1996 Bill Brenchley Paul Dugan Tony Albence Paul Bryk
1997 Joe Asher Mike Hudak, III Gary Reisinger Paul Bryk
1998 Dick Stewart Tony Albence Gary Reisinger Paul Bryk
1999 Vaughn LeSage Gary Reisinger Howard Smith Paul Bryk
2000 Mark Weiss Scotty Moyer Rick Scott Dick Stewart
2001 Mark Weiss Scotty Moyer Rick Scott Dick Stewart
2002 John Kirchstein Bill Bouchard Brian Pasternak Dick Stewart
2003 Mark Weiss Tony Albence Ryan Jamison Dick Stewart
2004 Brian Pasternak Jim Schlapfer Ryan Jamison Dick Stewart
2005 Brian Pasternak Dave Moyer Diane Hudak Dick Stewart
2006 Dave Moyer Stan Michalski Brian Pasternak Dick Stewart
2007 Dave Moyer Jake Ruddy Brian Pasternak Dick Stewart
2008 Jake Ruddy
Vaughn LeSage
Mike Fuller
Vaughn LeSage
Brian Pasternak
Greg Schock Mark McQuaide
2009 John Kirchstein Tim Asbury Greg Schock Mark McQuaide
2010 John Kirchstein Greg Schock Stan Michalski Mark McQuaide
2011 John Kirchstein Greg Schock Stan Michalski Mark McQuaide
2012John KirchsteinGreg SchockMark WeissMark McQuaide
2013 Mark WeissGreg Schock Joe Mongillo Mark McQuaide
2014 Mark WeissGreg Schock Joe Mongillo Mark McQuaide

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