Delaware R/C Club Newsletter                August 2003


 Editors:                     Carl Hauger                 302-322-8580 

                                    Ryan Jamison             302-234-8645 

 Co-Publisher:           John Kirchstein          302-731-2831 

 President:                 Mark Weiss                856-241-0378 

 Vice President:         Tony Albence            302-654-8171 

 Secretary:                 Ryan Jamison             302-234-8645 

 Treasurer:                 Dick Stewart                302-368-2911 

 Safety Officer           Jay Greene                   302-738-5256 



Next Club Meeting: Tuesday, August 5, 2003, 7:30 p.m.

Location: Lums Pond Flying Field

50/50 Raffle

Program Topics Ė TBA


Next Major Event: Hirobo Cup

Thursday-Sunday, July 25-27, 2003

Contact: Bob Chapman

NOTE: The September Meeting Location Will be Announced





From the Weiss House

  By all accounts (and measurements), this Warbirds was the best we have ever had! It was the result of a lot of planning, volunteer hours, and sweat. It was also the result of 160 pilots who return year after year. Dave and Pete Malchione were wonderful CD's and they will be the first to tell you they were successful thanks to all the volunteers that were with them all the way along. There are too many names, but your efforts are not going unnoticed.

     I am very pleased and excited to announce the first of what will be an annual event, "Volunteers Appreciation Day." This fall, the field will be reserved for one day, a Sunday, only for volunteers and their families to fly, share in some grilled food, and enjoy the camaraderie. I cannot think to a better way to say "Thank You" than to give these folks what is really most important: special recognition at our field!

     The date will be published in the newsletter and we will post signs at the field. The field will be closed to all other members and non-members who fly at Lums Pond. Volunteers and contributors from all our events in 2003 will be personally invited by the Board.






Secretaryís Scratchings

NOTE: This issue of the newsletter contains minutes from both the June and July meetings, which follow.

     The General Membership meeting of the Delaware R/C Club was held on Tuesday, June 3, 2003. President Mark Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:35

Treasurerís Report

     Dick Stewart gave treasurerís report.

Membership - 2002    233

                         2003    168

The Treasurerís Report was accepted as presented.


-The Fun Scale Contest is coming up and will be held on June 14th.  There is no required airplane size; all that is needed is a picture of the full-scale aircraft to show that the plane exists.

-Warbirds has 11 registered pilots already with 15 aircraft.  There are 2 venders and 5 volunteers signed up as well.  There may be a shuttle bus running from the park main entrance for the spectators.  Shirts are available now and will be selling fast.   Pete asks for anyone that can to volunteer to help set-up.


     This months demonstration was those who went to Joe Nall talked about how the show went and pointed out all of the neat demonstrations given there on all different types of aircraft.

Safety Minute

     Not available for this month.

Quickie 500 Racing:

     The 3-Pylon race had a great turnout with 20 pilots and had people participating from all over.  Everyone had a good time, and special thanks goes out to all the helpers.


The 50/50 winner collected $20.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:33PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ryan Jamison, Secretary




     The General Membership meeting of the Delaware R/C Club was held on Tuesday, July 1, 2003. The meeting was called to order at the Lums Pond Flying Field by President Mark Weiss at 7:31 pm. 38 members were present, and Mark's opening jokes did not cause anyone to leave early.


     Dave Moyer discussed the Matt Chapman Youth Masters. He was impressed by the great field (Triple Tree Aerodrome, site of the Joe Nall), the event itself, and the great folks who ran the event. He announced the impressive accomplishments of his son, Davey Moyer, and Ryan Jamison.

     Tony Albence reported that the Fun Scale Contest was a success - and fun. Twenty aircraft were registered. He thanked everyone who participated and who helped - especially the judges who were out in the hot sun for long periods of time. Next year's plans include a judging clinic presented in advance to our volunteers by seasoned judges.

     President Weiss thanked Dick Stewart, Max Hoferer, Dan Weick, Irv Sterndale, Pete Malchione, Jason Crain, John Kirchstein, Ryan Jamison, and everyone else who worked on the transmitter impound restoration and cleanup of the pavilion. He also thanked Dan Weick and James Sistola from the heli group for repairing the floor of our shed.

     Dick Stewart reported that Bill Langrell has joined the Club as an associate member.

Show and Tell

Dick Stewart showed a 12X6 prop nade by Bill Langell that he is using on his Kadet Sr.

John Stare reported that Lowe's has a miniature angled saw for Dremel tools that costs $29.00.

Paul Bryk showed an LDM A-10 for combat. The kit costs $30.00. It is primarily foam and ABS. Tony Albence did the teeth graphics on the model.

One of the heli pilots reported that one of the heli school instructors at our field recently had just won the XFC.

New Member

Mark Hickman, from Texas.


Mark Weiss commented that members need to help police the field, in a polite manner, for safety issues rather than just reporting the problem to him.

Paul Bryk suggested that catching runoff fuel in a cup is a good environmental practice.

Bill Lowrey made some suggestions regarding frequency sharing.

A general discussion ensued covering night flying, park stickers, and AMA cards required in the impound.

Treasurer's Report

Dick Stewart presented the Treasurer's Report. He stated that membership was still below last year's level.


Pete Malchione reported that most aspects of Warbirds are ready to go. Rick Scott still needs help with the Delta Darts. The Cecil County newspaper is planning a report. Pit Passes may be sold to non-participants.

50-50 Raffle

$34 was won by John Stare.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carl Hauger


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