Delaware R/C Club Newsletter          December 2003


 Editors:                     Carl Hauger                 302-322-8580 

                                    Ryan Jamison             302-234-8645 

 Co-Publisher:           John Kirchstein          302-731-2831 

 President:                 Brian Pasternak          302-765-2545 

 Vice President:         Jim Schlapfer               302-731-4052 

 Secretary:                 Ryan Jamison             302-234-8645 

 Treasurer:                 Dick Stewart                302-368-2911 

 Safety Officers:        Mike Hudak                302-366-0246 

                                    Diane Hudak               302-366-0246 



Next Club Meeting: Tuesday, December 2, 2003, 7:30 p.m.

Location: William Penn High School

Cafeteria II

50/50 Raffle

Program Topic – Rare WWII Film: Fairchild PT-19

aircraft construction, flight maneuvers


Next Major Event: Annual Freeze Fly

Thursday, January 1, 2004

Contact: Brian Pasternak



The Prez Sez

   As we come to a close of another year in our Club, sincere appreciation goes to the outgoing Board. Mark Weiss, Tony Albence, Ryan Jamison and Dick Stewart have faithfully fulfilled their obligations to our Club and have promoted the hobby and sport of model aviation. Treasurer Dick Stewart and Secretary Ryan Jamison will continue on the Board for the upcoming year. Jim Schlapfer has been elected as Vice-President.

   I'd like to take some time to thank Clark Woodring for his dedication to the Club. Clark agreed to accept the nomination of Vice-President. Our Club exists because there are those who have a genuine interest in the hobby and volunteer their services. We are very fortunate that our Club is filled with those who graciously volunteer their services throughout the year.

   To be continued...


Brian Pasternak, President



Secretary’s Scratchings

The General Membership meeting of the Delaware R/C Club was held on Tuesday, November 4th, 2003. President Mark Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:40

Treasurer’s Report

Dick Stewart gave treasurer’s report.

Membership - 2003    171

                         2004     76

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented.


Stan Michalski did a demonstration on different kinds of batteries.  He was explaining how great the electric world has become because of new technology.  The batteries mainly discussed were Lithium Ions and Lithium Polymers.  Stan discussed how the batteries are much better then Ni-cads not only by weight, but by the amp output also.  He explained how they are used and the proper charging techniques.  He also talked about what to do and what not to do with them, like over charging/overheating.  The new age of batteries is only getting better, Stan also brought up that a new battery, Lithium Sulfur, will be available soon and will be the new best thing on the market.  The batteries are very expensive, but the flying time is worth the money, with an average flight time of over 20 minutes per charge.  You can purchase these batteries from Thunder Power, and they come in many different sizes to fit whatever you want.


This year’s board has been elected as follows:

President: Brian Pasternak

Vice President: Jim Schlapfer

Treasurer: Dick Stewart

Secretary: Ryan Jamison


The Club Auction was another success this year.  Special thanks goes out to all that helped out and made it successful.  The 50/50 winner was Gary Reisinger of the amount of $94.00, Paul Bryk won the Evolution Engine, Mike Hudak won the Great Planes Ryan, And Ernest Bradley won the battery power supply.


The WRAM show will be held on February 21st.  The bus stop will be at 7:30 at the University Plaza.  Tickets will cost $36.00 per person.


This month’s 50/50 was $22.00, won by Skip Crain.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ryan Jamison, Secretary



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