Delaware R/C Club Newsletter                     July 2003


 Editors:                     Carl Hauger                 302-322-8580 

                                    Ryan Jamison             302-234-8645 

 Co-Publisher:           John Kirchstein          302-731-2831 

 President:                 Mark Weiss                856-241-0378 

 Vice President:         Tony Albence            302-654-8171 

 Secretary:                 Ryan Jamison             302-234-8645 

 Treasurer:                 Dick Stewart                302-368-2911 

 Safety Officer           Jay Greene                   302-738-5256 



Next Club Meeting: Tuesday, July 1, 2003, 7:30 p.m.

Location: Lums Pond Flying Field

50/50 Raffle

Program Topics – TBA


Next Major Event: Warbirds Over Delaware

Thursday-Sunday, July 10-13, 2003

Contact: Dave or Pete Malchione

NOTE: The Next 2 Meetings Will Be Held At The Lums Pond Flying Field




Secretary’s Scratchings

The General Membership meeting of the Delaware R/C Club was held on Tuesday, May 6, 2003. President Mark Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:33

Treasurer’s Report

Dick Stewart gave treasurer’s report.

Membership – 2002    233

                         2003   165

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented.

Presidents Comments 

Mark Weiss reported that the new flying hours have been put into effect and signs will be put up shortly.  There will be no flying after 6:00 with gas/glow powered airplanes or helicopters.  Only electrics can fly after 6:00.  Mike will try to stop by the field on occasion around 6:00 to make sure these rules are being followed.

Safety Minute

Jay Greene gave a suggestion to have a spot on the web page for just safety minutes for anyone who wants to get safe tips for flying.


   Stan Michalski brought a small electric piccolo pro heli and did a demo flying it.  It can do loops, rolls, and has plenty of power for 3-D type maneuvers. Stan was also showing a Hirrobo Shuttle “the club trainer” and invites people to come fly it when at the field.

   Carl Hauger did a presentation on the Toledo show by putting on a slide show, and then a movie.  It gave everyone the general idea how large this event is, and it also captured club members having fun at this show.

Show and Tell

   Dick Stewart brought a collection of engines and an Air Trails magazine that compared the engines to each other.  The magazine is from 1950 and described the ½ A engines that were available at that time. Dick also brought a 110” wingspan Sig Rascal powered by a GMS 1.20.  It has onboard glow and weighs around 12 pounds.  Dick said it flies great.

   Jay Greene brought a 2 meter “EMC2” pattern plane.  It has a saito 1.20 for power, has air cooling baffles, onboard glow, and fixed gear instead of retracts.  When it is completely finished it should weight around 10-10 ½ pounds.

   Ryan Jamison brought a wireless camera. It is about 1 inch high, and 1 inch wide. It was purchased to be used in his airplanes during flight. It has about a 1,000foot range and is transmitted to an LCD screen to be seen on the ground.

Quickie 500 Racing:

   The three-pylon race will be held on May 18th and will be held from around 9:00 - 2:00.

Guests/New members

Shawn White

Mike Linett

Mark Stub

Karry Fisher


   The raffle prize was an O.S. LA .65 engine won by Allan Allston


   The meeting was adjourned at 8:33PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ryan Jamison, Secretary.



New Field Rule – Attention All Pilots!

We have learned of some violations of this new field rule, so it is being reprinted once again:

Effective May 1, 2003, all model aircraft flying at Lums Pond State Park R/C Flying Field is restricted to:

1) electric power ONLY (internal combustion engines prohibited) after 6 P.M. on Fridays, Saturdays, and the nights before major holidays.

2) during the electric-only restricted periods, flight patterns that do not extend South of the North/South runway, or over the tree line from the midpoint of the North/South runway and to the South of that midpoint.

Questions should be addressed to the Manager of Lums Pond State Park and to the Officers of the Delaware R/C Club.

Park rangers have been directed to enforce this new rule, and also to check and enforce park permit and flying insurance (AMA membership) requirements.


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