Delaware R/C Club Newsletter   October 2004
  Editor:  John Kirchstein  302-731-2831
 President:    Brian Pasternak  302-765-2545
 Vice President:    Jim Schlapfer  302-731-4052
 Secretary:    Ryan Jamison  302-234-8645
 Treasurer:    Dick Stewart  302-368-2911
 Safety Officers:  Mike Hudak  302-366-0246
  Diane Hudak  302-366-0246

Text Box: Secretary's Scratchings
Minutes of the September, 2004 General Membership Meeting Delaware R/C Club 
The regular monthly meeting of The Delaware R/C Club was held on Tuesday September 3, 2004.  President Brian Pasternak called the meeting to order at 7:31PM.
Treasurer's Report
Dick Stewart gave treasurer’s report 
September 1 is start of renewal for 2005 dues. Early renewal drawing will be held.
The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented. 
 Club events
The Annual Multi-Club picnic hosted by the First State R/C Club – – will be held on Saturday, September 18, 2004 at the First State R/C Flying Site on Route 9 in New Castle, DE. 
The Delaware R/C Club Picnic will be held on Sunday, September 19, 2004.
Members question the use of radio impound especially on days with light pilot turnout. The Club By-Laws state that “inactive transmitters or the frequency module must be stored in the Impound and may not be removed without inserting the pilot’s current and valid AMA Membership Card.” No other form of identification may be used to obtain a frequency pin. Park Rangers check for valid AMA cards and any other form of ID will be confiscated by the Park.
The Club has also received numerous safety complaints such as pilots flying over the pits and pilot flight line and high speed maneuvers over the runway. Many of these complaints have named members which have already been notified of the safety violation, in some cases on more than one occasion. Safety rules are in place for a reason and must be observed. Unfortunately, in some cases, discussing the safety issue with the pilot has fallen short of rectifying the situation. Now, the Club needs to decide what to do with repeat safety violators.
John Kirchstein spoke of the need for some sort of penalty for safety infractions, since most of the offenders tend to be repeaters.
Pilots who fly electric aircraft are responsible for understanding all safety precautions and handling practices of their battery systems

An ARF (electric or gas) model was raffled off.

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